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Redolence by Camens – The accidental review

If you’re going to review local music, you should really know local artists, that’s a given. I don’t. Not because I don’t care – there are some amazing examples of local talent, but in my role as occasional writer for Rebel I’ve always tended to lean toward art and culture writing and given that it’s impossible to know more about the local scene than Lee Barber I’ve stayed away from writing about music.
That was until Scott Powell from Camens messaged me a couple of weeks ago, he was full of excitement about their new track and sent me a copy to listen to. Generally speaking if it’s not some form of Bristol beat, slightly depressing acoustic or 80s synth with added synth it doesn’t make my iTunes playlist; so I was already trying to work out how to say “I hate it” politely as I clicked play. But you know what? It’s a great track. As a new listener I was genuinely surprised at the strength of Scott’s vocals; the track having a ‘bright’ feel to it, it’s definitely a summer track – perha…

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